Fans Excited As GNL Zamba Returns With New Banger

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Who started the ‘Who Is Who’ Hip Hop challenge again? We are very sure that all the rappers who took part on this challenge that is surprisingly no longer a big deal will have some food for thought after listening to GNL Zamba’s version which a day after its release, is almost breaking the internet.

 Out of the blue, rapper Fefe Busi who is the proprietor of sorts of this challenge came out to expose his differences with former crew member and rapper Gravity Omutujju in a song. Fefe did not only attack Gravity but also other artistes like Da Agent, Victor Kamenyo and  Fik Fameica. These artistes also hit back with songs, a thing that turned it into a rap challenge that saw more artistes who weren’t even involved in the mix like Abdul Mulaasi, Rocky Giant and Recho Rey release their versions too.

Just like the way we know Ugandans, they move on quickly. The challenge did not even last a month in the top trends until on Wednesday the 18th of April when one of Uganda’s biggest rappers of all time GNL Zamba came up with his version on this challenge. However, he did not sing his song on American rapper Nas’ ‘Hate Me Now’ song’s instrumental like all these rappers above did.

GNL who is currently based in Hollywood, USA took his time and proved his lyrical maturity once again with an edutaining freestyle track dubbed ‘Vibranium Freestyle’. Hip Hop and self appraisal go hand in hand and yes, this is a typical self appraisal song that sees GNL prove to the world that he is Uganda’s number rapper whose songs give fans eargasms.

In the song, GNL disclaims how he did not put a full stop on his rapping career but a comma and he is indeed back to resume from where he stopped. He warns all the other rappers who are claiming they are best assuring them how no one can fit in his position before telling them that amongst the 35 plus million people in Uganda, he is the only one who writes interesting lyrics

Worst to the worst when he further assures the local rappers that their fake lyrics they rehearse for  the whole year, to him it is just a second away. He also tells them to keep singing Luganda flow (Luga Flow) but he is still the king of Ugandan Hip Hop.

GNL shared this song on all his social media platforms and by the time we went to press, the thousands of comments from his followers appreciating the song were still flying every passing second. The song has really earned a big reception before it’s even a week old.

We have some screenshots of the social media reaction towards this song.

Listen to the song below

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