“Fans Demanded For ‘Bunjako’ Part 2”- Ugandan Horror Movie Producer Speaks Out

It’s a week now since Uganda’s first ever horror movie dubbed ‘Bunjako’ was premiered. Fans who gathered at the city centre-based Theatre Labonita, were thrilled and it was not just about the thrilling but they also asked for part two although initially the director and actors had planned for only one part.

 Baguma Tolbert aka Teez, who is the main man behind the movie and its director at that, had a one on one question and answer interview with Chano8 and he had this to say about the movie where he shared insights from day one till when it was premiered.


One of scenes in the movie

Chano8: Now that you successfully premiered the movie, tell us how you feel about the whole experience?

Ahhh… well I should say that time it was the best ever. I saw my dream come true.

Chano8: What were the main challenges in the making of this movie?

It being a horror movie, it’s not something you just come and say am going, like you are shooting a normal drama. I had a lot of challenges. The movie is called ‘Bunjako’ so I wanted to give it the real feel of Bunjako so I took it exactly to that island called Bunjako.

It wasn’t easy shooting at that island, no houses or anything and I had to take more than 35 people to the venue and shooting in place with no toilets and accommodation wasn’t easy.

The issue of funds, because to shoot a horror movie, you really need a lot of money. It’s shooting and no one should tell you that they did a shooting and things were fine. The equipment, costumes and all that were used was very expensive.


One of the bloody scenes in the horror movie

Chano8: What is next in stock now?

I was planning on starting another movie called ‘Mutabu’, the script is done and actually it’s an action packed movie but the challenge I have is one. After all my people came to watch this movie, they are asking for a second part so am really down with my team to see what we can do because we are working for the people. I don’t do movies for me, so if fans are like Teez we want something added to this, then I can’t go in for something else. We have already come up with the script and it going to be the best.

Chano8: Why did you choose to make a horror movie?

I personally love horror movies and two, I am person who is unique and always wants to do unique things. It’s not something someone will go into and do, because I know it’s a challenge. So doing a horror movie was a challenge I wanted to take on as everyone fears to do it because they think it’s hard to shoot

Chano8: Where do you see the Ugandan film industry currently?

I know it is bright for the industry. Right now people have started to recognise our own movies and just in one night, I could manage to gather 750 and more people to come and watch a Ugandan movie, I know the future is bright and I have seen other people premiere and it has worked for them as well.

Chano8: Where do you rate yourself in the movie production industry?

(Sighs deeply). Truth be told, right now if you are to ask people of any film producer they know, they will tell you the producer of ‘Bunjako’ and that’s me but I credit that to my team.

Chano8: How was the reception of the movie itself at the premiere by fans?

As a producer, it’s hard to know because it’s the time you are looking at how things are going to run, are you making enough money but from what I heard from different people, I know they had the best. I can give Chano8 the chance to contact some of the people that attended and they can tell you they enjoyed what they watched because they keep calling me to ask for part two so they truly welcomed the movie.

Chano8: Which benefits have you gotten out of the movie?

My main concern is centred on my actors because most of them are now fully paid, others still have some balancing but we are working on it. Am the owner of the movie but before I make money myself, my actors have to be satisfied. We haven’t started selling the DVD’s but still I saw the money coming. For example someone paid 500,000 shillings to buy the movie’s poster.

Chano8: How is Bunjako doing outside Uganda?

It depends on who is watching the movie but me I think I did the best because I looked at the main factors people look at to consider it a good movie. One is the picture quality, sound, the actors themselves so I prepared them to my best so it will depend on the judges from outside countries.


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