Fans Left Confused And Cursing As Nyege Nyege Music Festival Goes Digital

The truth is, party lovers and events organisers will have to wait longer as the government, due to Covid19, has not yet allowed indoor and outdoor events to happen again. This has seen some people resorting house parties to keep the vibe going on.

Nyege Nyege Music Festival which is one of the events that was slated to take place in September (3rd to 6th be exact) is one of them that will not happen physically and for that matter, organisers decided to hold it digitally, which is the new normal of organizing events nowadays.

Usual attendees, as well as first timers who were anticipating for the festival’s 6th and ‘Tweny Tweny’ edition had hopes that “may be by September, the events will allowed to take place” so that they storm Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja once again but from the conspicuous look of things however, they will have to watch it online.

Before the organisers announced that it would be held digitally, there has been one question. ‘Will Nyege Nyege happen or not?”. That was answered a few days ago but some people have been left disappointed, confused and cursing.

A section of others was perplexed by the wording of the organiser’s communication that the gig will go digital.

“Please use local English is nyege nyege there this year or not… yes or no” Aly Swetie tweeted his reply. “Digital experience can’t out match the real thing just prepare for 2021” Said another Twitter user called The Bandit. “This year is a f*ck in the desert people have created their own” Annoyed My Own said

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The confusion is even getting more dramatic as some partiers who had already booked early bird tickets as early as February are asking whether they will be refunded or not despite communication that they will be.

Meanwhile, for the online events that have so far happened in this lockdown, fans have watched them by only loading of mobile data on their phones and computers but for Nyege Nyege 2020, one will need to purchase a ticket whose prices will be communicated soon.






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