Fans Show Azawi Love As They Fill Lugogo Grounds For Her Maiden ‘African Music’ Concert

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For an artiste who has spent only 2 years and 7 months in the industry and the mammoth crowd that filled up Lugogo Grounds on Friday the 22nd of July for her maiden concert, we are comfortable to say that Ugandans really love Swangz Avenue’s singer Azawi.

The ordinary, VIP and VVIP sections were full of what we may call real Azawi fans and well wishers, ready to watch her entertain them at this concert called “African Music”.

Revellers didn’t only enjoy a pretty good live performance she displayed but also from other local artistes and disk jockeys who accompanied her.

Following prior performances from local artistes and disc jockeys who accompanied her like Pia Pounds, Zex Bilangilangi, Elijah Kitaka, Pinky, Karole Kasita, Aroma, Grenade, Zafaran, Martha Mukisa among others, Azawi took to stage at exactly 4 past 10 PM amid revellers’ salutations but shortly before, there was a thrilling fireworks display to officially welcome her in style.

The revellers had been waiting as many were seen putting their phones in photo and video modes to capture every moment of her live performance which she kicked off performing “My Year”, “Crazy Lover”, “Gimme” and “Ache For You” which saw her pull some “Amapiano” dance moves while performing.

You guys are crazy, how can you be this much, thank you guys for coming out tonight”- Cheered up Azawi said to the fans and continued her performance with songs “Craving You Heavy”, “Tubatiisa”, “Mbinyumirwa”, “Quinamino”, “Ku Kiddo”, “Envision”, “Bamututte”, “Fwa Fwa Fwa”, “Thankful” alongside Swangz Avenue co-fouder and singer Benon Mugumbya, “Face Me” alongside A Pass whom she let perform one song, before she resumed with “Nkukyekele” featuring Eddy Kenzo.

She also later invited artistes Viboyo and Weasel with whom she performed their (Radio, Weasel and Viboyo’s) 2008 collaboration hit song “Nyumbani”, as a homage to Radio (RIP).

As she neared her break, she lit more fire on stage by inviting the ‘Fire Baby’ Winnie Nwagi who performed a few of her songs before they both sung a cover to Chaka Demus and Pliers’ “Muder She Wrote” which Nwagi shook her thick booty to, leaving the entire crowd thrilled.

Azawi then took a brief break and retuned performing “African Music”, “Loving You Is Easy”, “Lo Fit”, “Repeat It”, “Slow Dancing”, “Party Mood” and lastly one of the fans’ favourite “Majje” along rapper Fik Fameica.

Going by the look of things, the singer came ready to thrill and this is what the revellers watched her do. She also was heard saying “Somebody shout Azawi” several times to the fans

Apart from the performances, the concert also boasted of other fun things like the cool and artistic photo booths courtesy of Swangz Avenue and Guinness, among other things.

The concert also had a mixture of masters of ceremonies from MC Isaac, Malaika Nnyanzi, MC Kats amongst others who made sure that the revellers vibe kept alive all through


Take a look at some of the highlights

Azawi performing at her maiden concert

There was a special fireworks display to welcome Azawi on stage

Fans represented in big numbers

Azawi and record label mate Winnie Nwagi in the middle of their performance

Azawi and Benon Mugumbya performing their collaboration song

Azawi and rapper Fik Fameica performing their collaboration tune

Swangz Avenue’s Zafaran performing

Team No Sleep’s Pinky during her performance

Grenade performing

Aroma performing

Singer Karole Kasita doing her thing

Pia Pounds performing

Firebase’s Zex Bilangilangi performing

Weasel and Azawi performing

People really love Azawi

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