Fans Wish Police Boss Asan Kasingye Quick Recovery After Testing Positive For Covid

On Sunday afternoon, thousands of Ugandans on Twitter (UOT) were shocked after the Chief Political Commissar Uganda Police Force, AIGP Asan Kasingye sent a tweet saying that he had also tested positive for Covid19.

“BAD NEW!! I’AM #COVID19 POSITIVE”– Read the tweet which attracted a big engagement, with Twitters users (Tweeps) sending ‘quick recovery’ messages to him although by the time we went to press, we weren’t sure whether  he had been taken to isolation or not.

Meanwhile, Asan’s announcement came hours after Ministry of Health had announced on Sunday that Uganda registered 97 new cases from the samples (Asan’s inclusive) tested on Saturday, bringing the cumulative total confirmed cases to now 2,263.

Well wishers, friends without forgetting his followers showered the officer who is one of the most active Ugandans on Twitter with hundreds of get well soon messages although there are those who think Kasingye is in alliance with Ministry of Health.

“Thank you so much for opening up about your status. As a public figure this means a lot to those whose mindsets are yet to change about the reality of this pandemic. Get well soon” Mark Khalist said

“The good news is that you have been detected early so everything will be fine since Boris Johnson was found when it was worse but he is fine” said Onechan Fred

By the time we we published this, the tweet had 2500 replies and majority were all wishing him nothing but quick recovery .





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