Faridah Nakazibwe’s Stinging ‘Nio Nio Nio’ Comment To Speaker Kadaga Gets Uganda Talking

The last few days have been getting hotter by the day as the pressure and stress of the lockdown steadily mounts among Ugandans who have been enduring life indoors for the past one month.

With resources running out and life getting difficult by the second, tension is starting to build among Wanainchi as hunger sets in. Although many people have been affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, government asked well wishers to contribute to the national relief task force to help those directly affected especially with food.

However, as all these efforts are going on, parliament passed a supplementary budget of more than 3oobillion to help ease the fight against the deadly pandemic. This wouldn’t have been a problem until the Member of Parliament allocated 10 Billion of that to themselves as part of the facilitation to join the fight.

FACEOFF: NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe is not happy with Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

This has since raised hell among the distressed citizens who think it is unfair of the legislatures especially at this moment when almost everyone is sacrificing the little they have to fight the virus and its effects while the MPs are instead giving themselves UGX.20Million each in the name of fighting Coronavirus.

At the front of the controversial money is the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga who has been supporting her colleagues and justifying the money they gave themselves which has angered majority of Ugandan forcing some of the MPs to vow to return it when it lands on their accounts.

The rage against the parliamentarians continued but got a dramatic twist when the speaker tried to defend the action only to get a serious rebuke from the public with NTV News Anchor Faridah Nakazibwe giving one of the most bare knuckle responses after the provocation as she warned Kadaga not to return crying to Ugandans that she was “used and discarded like a ngabo condom” after vehemently defending the contentious MPs’ cash bonanza.

Although the tweet has since received mixed reactions after going viral on social media, majority of Ugandans seem to be siding with her especially on the part of ‘being used’ basing on the fact that they too feel used by ‘Mafias’. Even musician Fik Fameica also has something to say.


Some, who went to her account to express dissatisfaction, said her choice of words was too harsh and offensive.  They some of these think it was below the belt given her popularity as a media personality. She later apologized for the wrong choice of words though stuck to her point of being disappointed with the MPs who have since received the money on their accounts despite a court order stopping it.

“The language I used in my last Retweet to you was offensive and uncalled for. I apologise,” wrote Nakazibwe. “While I still disagree with the decision by parliament, I should be able to do so without being offensive.”

Kadaga on her part has since remained silent on the matter although some reports had earlier indicated she is not happy. A parody account on twitter in her names also warned Nakazibwe on the same and threatened to sue her if what she said was ‘breaking the law’. She however swiftly disowned it.



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