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Zari’s beau ‘Farouk Sempala’ opens up about his leaked nude photos

Farouk Sempala has opened up about the leaked nude pictures by saying they were grafted by his haters.

“You can soil ma image with Photoshop pictures that go viral, for goons who do zero for me to comment and insult.”

“But you won’t take a thing away from me. My literacy, religion, IQ, pride, better connections etc will stay. What’s meant to be mine will surely be by Allah’s grace,” he added.

“To those who truly love, care and understand me, I’ll still remain their “sweet Pharouque”. I am not fame hungry, but enjoying how famous you already making me. Keep hating,” he concluded.

Farouk didn’t reveal the identities of those he suspected to have leaked these pictures which caused a fuss on social media.


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