Fashion Review Of The Banyabo VIP Concert Star, Rema Namakula

Rema Namakula is an amazing artist, also her music is ever evolving and so is her style. On the recently concluded Banyabo concert, Rema showcased a different side of her, a more mature and softer side of her and who can blame her, she is a mother now and in a stable relationship and finally found her place in the music industry. she is no longer the ‘fire tonight ‘girl we remember on our TV screens. It’s no surprise that her style has also changed from the all leather outfits which I have never understood how people breath in our sunny weather.

The concert is still being said to be the best concert we will see 2018 even before we make it to end of the year. It is no secret that aside from production and talent, her fashion had something to do with it. Am not a fashion influencer but here are a few of my opinions about the different looks she rocked.

The first look which is something I am yet to understand because to me it reminded me of the half man half horse fairy tales creature we grew up reading about. The breast cut and ruffle sleeves are elegant for a dinner dress or anything with a red carpet or black-tie event but the bottom that was red and gold flames threw me off but being am artist, there is the need to shock people I guess. But wait …. Are those leggings?

1st Look

2nd Look

well this one I have no problem with it though I would prefer it for a different kind of event that a concert, maybe ‘meet the in-laws’ kind of event. I can relate that she was also embracing different side of who she is and maybe this is her embracing her religious side so respect.

3rd Look.

Now this glittering white jumpsuit with a wrap, was interesting, it is no secret all our female artist that have held concerts of recent have taken a liking towards the jump suit even some were best suited not to try it but I have to say Rema pulled it off quite well. I applaud that it wasn’t see-through and she accessorized in a minimal way.

4th Look

I am slowly counting to my favorite look if u have noticed, this look I truly loved love the simplicity and elegance with which she wore this dress. The gold shimmering dress with black frills bought out her mertanal and mature side, I love how it slowly fell off her shoulder as if an effort to remind of her softer and vulnerable side not to mention sexy!


5th Look

For every concert, there has to be that outfit kept for the last appearance. The show stopper, jaw dropper awwww dress!! This floral dress did that and more. Most guest kept asking how is she moving in this dress, it looked like it weighed more than ur ordinary wedding dress, say 18 kgs, but oh my god! It was amazing!!

Seated on the floral swing in a dress inspired by a spring bride she was radiant and glowed triumphantly upon her fans who applauded as though the message shared with in that performance was beyond the lyrics and one her fans congratulated her over.


Kudos to the amazing designers Asha Fatuma and Dina, who put together the outfits. Next time we will dig deeper in to the profiles of these amazing ladies.



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