Photos: Fashion Bits And Blues At The Royal Ascot Goat Races

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The Ascot goat races have always and I mean always been the grand final stage for fashion, I don’t mean couture or heavy dinner gowns but the ‘show me your closet’ kind of fashion. Here are a few pieces that popped up.

Well well, I believe many of us are happy to see Denzel with a shirt and without those little pink shorts an event. Kudos Bro! he looks better, actually good. We would prefer a light colored cardigan though to show off his softer side.

Do you ever feel like you saw someone wearing a body shaper and they forgot to put the dress on? I think this is one of those moments!

It mostly isn’t about your body shape but its wrong to wear a costume to the goat races even if it looks like it belongs to the black widow in Avengers.

We absolutely love this lengthy double slitted floral ensemble.

the colors are soft and fitting for the event, pairing it with sandals is a great idea especially when you know you’re going to spend all day on the green.

But the bra straps hmm NO!


These pretty ladies are working hard at the event and can not be held responsible for the mistakes of their managers or organizers.

Last we heard the slogan “more skin, more attention” still works, so we might get it but we feel these booty shorts should be at Blankets and wines, not The Ascot goat races.


We are lost for words on this outfit, let’s just say do you remember those table clothes our parents put on the TVs and couches? well, she managed to get one large enough to put over her underwear.

Abryan’s is a stylist….. I should stop there and truly that should be enough for you to understand that he can explain his choice of outfit but really what is the reason for the head wrap???

Boss Mutoto is looking good!

Sheila Gushumba is not known for her subtle style nope never, she aims to stand out and that she did this year at the goat races!

Is it just me or does she look like she is performing a number from a jazz set? With Vince Musisi helping out we can all see the humor in this image. Thanks for a good laugh Sheila, it is always a ball seeing you flaunt your playful side.

We picked this photo absolutely because we love the dress but sometime demeanor can destroy an outfit.

As Coco Chanel says “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

In the words of every 21st century social media users, allow me to say “I KENNAT EVEN!!”

That is all for today, see you all at Nyege nyege!

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