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Fashion Designer Santa Anzo Shares Her 2015 Highlights

With only just ten days into January or the new year, some people are still nostalgic about the amazing 2015 they had. Arapapa chief fashion designer Santa Anzo was thrilled about 2015 she had. In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the designer said,

My highlight for the year was that we were invited to represent Uganda at We are Africa fashion event in Johannesburg, where the whole of Africa gathered to celebrate fashion and actually said NO to xenophobia,‘ she said before adding, ‘as always we are proud to carry and wave our Ugandan flag so high and also being appointed the country representative for African fashion reception in Paris and as well Arapapa having to represent Uganda in Paris to showcase our latest collection which is fashion tourism for you Karamoja.’

Santa Anzo shares her highlights of 2015

Santa Anzo shares her highlights of 2015

‘Finally we the fashion artists and designers felt the need to endorse our president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the 2016 elections.’

Santa Anzo concluded by saying that the Abryanz Awards are very necessary because they get to recognize the fashion sector as a whole.

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