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Fashion Feature: A Look At The Bold Kampala Store

The idea and concept of the Bold Kampala store was conceived by 3 young ladies named Ngyenzi Nunu’ Mugenyi, Janet Mugume and Angel Kalisa.

With their love for fashion and entrepreneurial skills they opened up Bold store which was to be a retail shop for African brands. It was started in June 2012 .Why bold? The ladies say they chose bold for what it stands for. In various ways it describes the designers , what the business stands for and the directors themselves as they saw it a a bold venture.

This store is very unique and every detail looks to have been carefully hand picked. The 3 young directors who have a deep love for fashion regardless of the fact that they are not designers themselves.

They say they were inspired by the massive talent in the country, yet there was no exposure for all the clothes being made in the market. Currently it is the talk of the town, especially the local designers,musicians and celebrities who also have a place to showcase their music to the listeners from every where.

They offer a platform for a lot of diverse cultures and designers to showcase what they have to the public. They refer to the store as a neutral stand for designers and promote all the different brands the same.

Inside the bold Kampala store

Inside the bold Kampala store

At the moment they house over 30 different designers for items such as shoes, bags and jewelry from Win win, 4African, Inzuki, Sebu and others. Clothes from Dare, Sylvia Owori, Kas Wear, OP Uganda, Martha JJabo, Arapapa, Clare Tendo, Mozaic, Rwezioni, Eguana, Kunda, Leap Year, Gloria Wavamuno, Catherine and Sons, Mizyana, Definition and many more.

Make Up from PARAMOUR and music albums from various local musicians. They have a process and standards that designers have to meet to be able to stock in their outlets. They do not discriminate against designers or fabrics and they leave the creative work to the designers. They carry out extensive research before taking on different designers just to ensure they fit within the criteria. They say it is rewarding to see the awareness of African designer grow locally.

The large air conditioned store is covered in colorful fabrics that give off a cheerful ambiance as soon as you enter. The girls that work there are with you as you pick out your
items of interest and are willing to give you advice where you’re not so sure.

Bold Kampala is located on the first floor of Acacia mall.

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