FASHION: Go Crazy With ‘Statement Sleeves’

I am a sucker for all things outstanding, call me crazy but if my mum is afraid of it then I love it. Since the off-shoulder style is so last season and the weather won’t let us prolong it a bit, I moved on. I moved onto the attention grabbing ‘Statement Sleeves’ that have been making a huge splash on the gram and web.

One cannot afford to miss out on this cool trend. The look is chic, girly, sophisticated, and elegant. There are various types of these sleeves, commonly known as the bell-shaped, bishop to balloon and loud ruffle sleeves.

This trend adds a unique dose of fashion to even the simplest of outfits. Designer, James Moroeng, says “when you choose to adopt this style, always remember to keep the rest of your look minimal and allow your statement bell sleeves to drive your outfit”.

“When shopping for bell sleeves look for styles that are a little flamboyant. And a simple silhouette in a neutral colour palette is all you need to finish this look.” And for those who are hoping for something a little dramatic, ruffle sleeves is a must-have in their wardrobe.


These sleeves are loud, fun and attention-loving. Moroeng says, “Forget loud colours and patterns and opt for minimal black and white hues instead. Pair your ruffle sleeve shirt with simple designs such as cropped, straight-leg trousers. The straight-forward style will keep your look super stylish and chic, rather than letting it go over-the-top.”

For those looking for something more conservative and simple, bishop sleeves are a must to have. These sleeves are soft and feminine. Most commonly spotted on lovely dresses, bishop sleeves complement the outfits to which they belong while remaining a standout feature in their own right.


These are common all over town and of course online, remember some styles are an investment especially with a new trend. So! go be daring with these crazy delicious sleeves. Don’t forget if you own there share your styling tips and images on our facebook or


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