Fashion Hits And Misses At Blankets And Wine 16

All photos By Habre Muriisa

After 15 seasons of Blankets and Wine taking place in the same city with the same crowd, you would have expected the same goers to move on to other exciting and newer fashion trends but nope, the Kitenge is still the go too look for most ladies and gentlemen when it comes to Blankets and Wine fashion.

There is no crime in trying something new each edition of this prestigious event, maybe the organisers should set a dress code because some outfits should have never left the owners’ wardrobes. I won’t say much about this seeing as these photos speak for themselves.

When it comes to accessorize the gladiator knee high sandals were a favourite this time round but with the rainy weather boots would have been the best option.

There is nothing, completely nothing wrong with being covered in fabric when going to Blankets and Wine, it seems someone told the ladies that it is bad omen not to be skimpily dressed at this event. It was freezing but the ladies still insisted on clothing that only covers private parts chanting ‘smartness knows no weather’ oh well who are we to judge?

 As usual enjoy our event gallery and we pray the 17th edition brings us variety and style.

If only zebras looked as good in this outfit as Cindy does

Is this not the Grammy’s

Kill them with off shoulder and gladiator boots

Stylish but length is our enemy

You have got to love African print chokers

Gladiator sandals on fleek

When the rain maker is on your side, boots for the rainy season

Black on white on fleek

Covering the weather and the fashion at the same time

Happiness is killing her

Kill them

Way too much lace

We are not sure this skirt is in the right place

Hasn’t this jump suit made it to Blankets and Wine

Matchy Matchy

When Kitenge does not mean a thing

Hellen Lukoma looking gorgeous in this plaid outfit

His and her Kitenge

Who cares if it rains

She clearly did not feel the rain

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