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Fashion Review: Black Abba

It is a popular saying around town that ‘Fashions fade, but style is eternal’ by Yves Saint Laurent a famous designer, so we set out to find our readers the place to buy fashions that never go out of style, the top brands that will guarantee the true elegant style of a lady.


Black Abba manager

When you walk into one of the Black Abba stores you are greeted by beautiful designer bags, shoes, office wear, evening gowns, dinner dresses, casual wear, accessories and men’s casual wear.

Black Abba is a fashion store, famously known for the most trendy original garments and accessories. The store has 3 branches and they all aim to dress today’s confident corporate woman.

Black Abba has been run by a family of ambitious and stylish ladies, handed down from one generation to the other but never losing their exquisite taste in fashion. It was started in 2002 by Acayo Ruth on Charm towers which specialized in only ladies’ garments. She involved her daughter Black Abba to help out at the store.

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