Fashion Ups And Downs At TUMAwards

We are often told ‘ what you were to an event says a lot about what you think of the event’. this is true because what is an award show without the glitz and glamour of the red carpet.
TUMAwards launched their first-ever award show last weekend at The Serena Hotel and the invited guests rose to the red carpet expectation, maybe some.
Before we dig deep, we need to acknowledge the people who dressed Deedan, Stella Nantumbwe and Natasha Sinayobe for a great job! Those ladies looked stunning, nothing tacky but simply elegant.
Here is a look at what our celebrities and fashion divas were draped in,
for the stunners we have….

By our verdict, the following looks have no place on the red carpet and we consider a fashion crime for this event:

Too casual to be on the red carpet, may bate night at a burger joint.

Accessorizing could have saved this outfit but…..

I doubt these two were going to the same event.

We can only say 2 words…TOO MUCH!!

Too tacky for the red carpet.

The only places you should wear lace and sequins is the club

we looked this look till we saw the shoe! OMG

Ladies pay attention to your makeup, there a lot of tutorial online. Don’t around like you just came from a horror movie audition

These are the latest breed of slay queens

Is she an artist? I think SHEEBA can pull this off!

We think you can be forgiven for this on Valentine’s day, not today! Cedric not today!

sometimes even the best intentions can have hideous results, I that a belt??

we had no issues with this outfit, those shoes were so out of place!!

lingerie should not leave the bedroom

The belt and shirt are great but the halter top is killing it.

Not even the beautiful ladies around him will mitigate this catastrophic outfit.

It is out to change up your everyday look for the awards, seriously!

Whose wedding is it anyway??

Not sure what to say, how about E for effort!?

Miss Deedan and her stylist looking stunning.

Douglas Lwanga and co-star Sheila gashumba looked amazingly chic

We always lover her style, this jumpsuit with slits is hard to pull off but she did!!


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