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Fast-Fading Singer Leila Kayondo Disappointed In Kanye West For Visiting With Wife Kim

Almost forgotten singer Leila Kayondo will never cease to stir controversy with her drama. As American rapper Kanye West was in the country with his wife Kim Kardashian doing charity and having the best of time, the Ugandan singer on the other side has been cursing.

She has been expressing her disappointment in the rapper using her Instagram and wondering why Kanye now known as Ye couldn’t come to Africa without his woman.

Her post reads “Ogusajja gusilu nnyo. Instead of telling Kim look here honey. This time I hv to go to Africa alone.i need 2 concentrates on my album. Nigga just brought even North. Nfaa.”

Lela Kayondo is in the news once again for yet another controversy.

Leila Kayondo’s post on Instagram expressing her disappointment.  

This can be loosely translated as ‘The man is very stupid. He could have told Kim that he has to go to Africa alone and work on the album but instead, he came with the whole family. I am dying’.

Her social media friends especially the females have showered her with lots of comments in support of her post and point.  They also share the same idea and heap the blame on Kanye. Most of them also wonder why he came alongside his wife as if there are no girls back here in Uganda who would offer to be with him as he shot the album.

Usually, Music promoters who fly in international artistes always consider the fact that some musicians abroad love female company. They actually prepare beautiful girls here in Uganda who end up entertaining the musicians during their stay here. But this time around, it was never the case with the celebrity couple moving all over together.

Kanye West (C) visited Uganda with his wife Kim Kardashian (L) and were even hosted by President Yoweri Museveni at State House.

41-year old Kanye West and his wife sealed off Chobe Safari Lodge for some time as they booked the whole Safari Hotel. It was announced that the lodge was closed off to the public as the singer and his wife were the ones to be occupy it. This has however angered a section of Kampala girls especially slay queens who have failed to get close to the singer.


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