Father Katerega’s Message To Artistes Will Leave You In Awe

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As we talk now the body of fallen singer Moze Radio has been laid to rest in Kagga, Nakawuka in Entebbe amidst millions of people from different parts of the country who have all come to pay their last tributes to the ‘Neera’ hit maker who was called the ‘Face of music’ according to many artistes.

On the same note, while at the deceased’s requiem mass service that was conducted at the Rubaga Cathedral on Friday the 2nd of February, Father Deogratius who lead the mass took that special platform to send a message to artistes and other celebrities at large to learn how to handle fame.

Chano8 wouldn’t be wrong to say that the rate at which artistes go to worship places is not a pleasing one as they mostly spend their time in entertainment places and performing at events thus giving less time to God/ Allah who is the provider of their talents that have turned them into celebrities

It was because of this that the brave father Deogratius said that it is all because of this fame that artistes forget their creator.

“Once they become celebrities they forget that it’s God who gave them the talent. They stop going to church and mosques until when they are brought back, in casket. Dead. They think they have become untouchable and can go around beating up everybody.” Father Deo said 

However, it was not about forgetting God the father criticized the artistes for but also condemned them on some bad vices they practice like prostitution, drug abuse, living extravagant lives, abandoning their wives/husbands at homes and spending most of their time in bars. He asked them to stop and instead use their fame and money to become more productive and developmental to themselves and the nation.



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