Feature: Insurance Provider aYo Changing Lives Of Ordinary Ugandans

With the untimely accidents and disasters continuing to happen and worse still, happen in times when one isn’t doing well financially, that is when things like insurance begin to hold water.

aYo a revolutionary new micro-insurance provider with the vision of a future where everyone uses insurance has eased some ordinary people’s lives through insurance when to comes to the aftermath of things like accidents.

“On my return from a burial, I took a boda boda at around 11 PM and as the rider rode, he almost rammed into a car but swerved and we fell into a ditch. After a week and a half after my treatment, I then remembered how I had registered with aYo. I requested for the money using my phone and the money was wired straight to my mobile money account without any struggle” Says Charles Kaazo

Habib Kabuye’s story is not so different from Charles’ only that he was, together with the boda boda rider knocked by another speeding boda boda but being a subscriber of aYo, his treatment bill was cleared and so was Felix Obalim Santos’ after sustaining a head crack from a beating by thugs who waylaid him on his way back home.




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