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Feffe Bussi Smallest Rapper Turns 22 Years Today

Feffe Bussi the smallest rapper seems to be aging. The artiste turned 22 years of age today. The artiste is a force to reckon with in Uganda’s Hiphop scene and is capable of beating many in the race to stardom provided he works harder.

Sources close to the artiste that prefer to remain anonymous revealed that he is giving himself an ultimatum to gain more weight as he grows older and would like to be referred to as the biggest rapper in a few years to come.


Feffe Bussi was contacted by Chano8.com and he had this to say “My birthday is not for me to celebrate but to realize that as I grow older, I should work harder.” My fan base is growing and therefore my music should also grow with it, he added.
Chano8.com wishes Feffe Bussi a happy birthday.

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