Fezah supports Michael Kitanda at the Sound Cup Jazz gig


By Wantono Zulu

Michael Kitanda, one of the artists Fezah has supported to launch his solo career performed at a Live Jazz Gig at the Sound Cup. He has received support from fans to produce his first album, Saxfaction.

Last Thursday evening, as I made my way to the top-most floor of the Garden City shopping mall, people could be seen leaning over the railing, a spot they found best to watch a live jazz gig that was on-going.

I could clearly hear the mellow of a saxophone in the distance, together with the humming of the guitar and beating of drums.

It was Michael Kitanda performing live at the Sound Cup , with a crowd of more than 100 people watching peacefully, not aware of their surrounding.

One could notice he was really excited about the performance that evening, one of the first he was doing in his first solo career.

Just starting out in his career, Michael Kitanda has been able to release his first album, saxfaction, with support from Fezah and his fans. He raised 114% of his goal, which sought to enable him release his first album.

Fezah, a resident startup at Outbox, supports talented Ugandans launch their careers by reducing the barriers they face.

Michael Kitanda also performed together with Charmant Mushaga, another artist Fezah is supporting to raise money for his first Album, the African love project.


Michael Kitanda is a 23-year-old Uganda Saxaphone player, currently pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. He usually performs with Code 9 at Jazz Ville and Baximba waves at Bubble O’Leary’s.

Started only 3 months ago, Fezah is supporting 4 artists to realize their projects.

This support involves supporting them minimize their costs, build their fan bases, leverage partnerships in order to get started.

To support a project on Fezah, please visit their website on and help African artists launch their careers.

About Fezah

Fezah is a startup that reduces the barriers for African artists to launch their careers.

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Outbox is a co-working space for techies that further supports them to move their ideas to businesses on mobile and web.

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