FIFA President To Visit Uganda

When we mention FIFA president, one name comes to mind. Sepp Blatter why? Because he has served the longest term ever until last year when he was forced to step down and when he did, Gianni Infantino was voted into office but he hasn’t made a name like his predecessor.

Uganda is poised to be among the first African countries to have a visit from the new FIFA president next week on Sunday the 26th and this is going to be a historic visit because it is going to be the first time a FIFA president visits the Pearl of Africa.

The 47- year-old will be in Uganda for two days for a FIFA summit and this comes from a particular fondness he has for African football, having flown to South Sudan on his first working trip as the head of the world’s most popular game.


FIFA president Infantino  Gianni visiting Uganda soon

With the visit, Infantino will also meet the president of Uganda according to Magogo, the FUFA president who is also the host.

“We have duly engaged government to ensure that the Fifa president meets President Museveni to discuss more government involvement in football development.” Magogo said.

It is expected that Infantino, will lay the foundation stone for the Fufa-Kadiba ground project. The project will be funded under the FIFA Forward Project where Fufa will receive $5m over four years from the world governing body.


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