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‘Fik Fameica Has Bubble Gum Music’ – MP Kato Lubwana

Comedian/politician Kato Lubwana might have left the entertainment industry but it seems he is closely following the trend of new artists that keep coming up almost on a daily basis. He is bothered by the current trends in the music industry which he says have mostly been brought about by the new crop of artistes.

During an interview with a new online website, he reveals that Ugandan music is losing quality and value due to greed in the industry and artistes he calls masqueraders.

“There is a lot of greed in the music industry in Uganda. The music we have now can’t last. The musician wants to do everything. He wants to be the one to write the song and when he gets a writer, he/she doesn’t mention him or give them credit. He/she does the same for the producer, promoter etc.,” he was quoted as saying.

Fik Fameica recently had a very successful concert at Freedom City

He went on to give an example of new artist Fik Fameica. He describes his music as ‘bubble gum music’ that will not last for long “There are many masqueraders in the industry that have been made by the Radios and TVs. Songs like Kutama and Byenyenya (both by Fik Fameica) just can’t work for long. They have obscene words and that is all they sale.” He said

Fik Fameica mysteriously happened to the Ugandan music industry and had a great 2017. Early this year, the singer held his first ever music concert at freedom city along Entebbe road and it came out a success.

To the surprise of many, former vice president Gilbert Bukenya graced the function and this left many asking the big man’s love for the artistes songs.

Fik Fameica is currently the inform musicians and his music is currently receiving a huge audience


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