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Fille Cancels Concert And Allegedly Fires Her Manager Mc Kats

At first, we thought this was just a publicity stunt to get the media talking about the concert but that seems not to be the case anymore because the latest is that Fille has decided to cancel her concert.

“I hereby inform you about the cancelling of my concert that was to take place on 25th November 2016. I was so excited about this event because it was going to be a huge step in my career,” She said.


Mc Kats with Fille during their hey days

Fille also added that her decision was made in order to restructure her management ahead of next year as well as having enough time to sort out rumors that she beat up her manager and boyfriend mc Kats, a thing she says is damaging her brand.

The ‘my husband’ musician said that the decision came after Kats seized over all her social media accounts. “I’m no longer in charge of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) because someone else is running them. I am not responsible for anything that is being uploaded on my Social Media accounts but am working around the clock to repossess them.” Fille confirmed.

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