Fille Celebrates Six Years In The Music Industry, Thanks Her Fans For The Support

It is always not an easy road in Uganda’s music business. It is better to enter it with an open mind. We have seen musicians getting frustrated and fed up in just their first week of singing.

This almost happened to Fille Mutoni who almost gave up on her career.

“I used to Wonder! Will people ever like my music??? Will people ever accept me for who I am?? without having to do all these outrageous stunts??!! I even wondered More!! Will I ever manage to fit in this crazy industry that is extremely and excruciatingly demanding???” wrote Fille in a post on her social media.

With this in mind, she worked so hard that she was able to answer all these questions off course with the help of her team Fiescos which she thanks so much for supporting and encouraging her through the years.

“I made things worse by Stressing over my ‘IMAGE! ‘!!!!!! I understood that you had to ‘Look a Certain way to make it out here!!! BUT then I realized I couldn’t afford to be anything else but MYSELF! I know you must be wondering!!!!! (why is she saying all this !!!) Well it’s because I want to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you my #Fiescos Thank you so much for Loving and supporting me just the way IAM!!! Often Times I hear people say that girl is too normal! She’s too Basic! Her sense of style is too simple for the “CULTURE!! And that is why am so grateful to You that see something ‘SPECIAL in my Normal! Something ‘EXTRAORDINARY in my Basic!!! I Love and Appreciate you…. …………SIMPLE GIRL.” Fille added.

Fille however didn’t mention the man we expected her to. The man who promoted and pushed her to being the great artiste she is. Katamba Edwin alias Mc Kats but since we were not there when she made this post, maybe she will later when they sort out their issues.


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