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Fille ‘Threatens To Kill Mary Luswata’ After She Is Labelled A Village Girl By The Gossip Queen

Motor mouthed Gossip Queen Mary Luswata, who is known for her gossip show on Urban Television Scoop on Scoop has branded Fille Clear and Eddy Kenzo villagers.

The nosy presenter made the utterances while on appearing on her gossip TV program that runs on Urban TV yesterday. She was actually reiterating her earlier stand that the two are very ‘local’ and villagers.

However the latest comments she made about the ‘My Husband’ singer apparently did not go well with her (Fille) and threatened to kill the gossip queen who has rubbed many local celebrities the wrong way with her stinging comments.

However, Luswata who said she was not sure whether it was Fille’s real account or a fake account that posted it says she is not scared at all by Fille’s threats because many other scary people who have threatened to discipline her before have failed.

“Fille is a real villager. She looks and smells village and from the makeup she wears, dress code, appearance in public and the way she sounds she is a villager I will repeat a villager,” Luswata ranted.

She did not spare Eddie Kenzo of the ‘Sitya Loss’ fame either after the later posted a photo of himself walking on the streets with the caption “walking” and exposing a private conversation in his inbox to his facebook wall for everyone to see. She went ahead and sarcastically said she can forgive Kenzo for doing all these things given his background.

Fille and Kats

Fille and MC Kats

Luswata has also been feuding with local city socialite Judith Heard, Zari the big boss, singer Jackie Chandiru and many others over comments she repeatedly makes about them. MC kats who is Fille’s manager and boyfriend begged Luswata not to bash her at the Kadanke youth awards and its clear the gossip queen did not take heed.


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