Fille’s Alter Ego Album Launch Lives Up To The Billing With An Exciting Performance

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Where should we start from? We are kind of confused because of the lots of exciting things that took place at singer Fille Mutoni’s sold out Alter Ego Album Launch that took place at Golf Course Hotel last Saturday the 10th of February, amidst hundreds of fans and well wishers.

Remember that this Africell, Galaxy FM, Pepsi, Talent Africa and NBS TV sponsored launch was supposed to have taken place on Friday the 2nd of February but due vocalist Mowzey Radio’s death on 1st, it had to be postponed to 10th

Fille sang her heart out

This is part of the crowd that came through

Revellers began making their way to the venue as early as 7 PM ready to have an experience of what Fille had to offer while officially launching her 13 track album. A round of applause to the sponsors like Pepsi and Africell who put up backdrops where some revellers spent time posing for photos as time to kick off show time drew closer.

Following the exciting performances from the lots of curtain raisers, the girl of the night Fille finally took the stage at exactly 15 minutes past 10 PM. Clad in a pink wedding dress alongside her daughter, she was first lost for words when she saw the overwhelming crowd that cheered her on from the time the MC announced her arrival until the time she opened her mouth to sing.

Fille escorted by her daughter to the stage

With no waste of a second and with a supportive team of backup singers, Fille began her live performance with ‘No Retreat’, ‘Batuwulila’ before she in a special way said thank you to each and every one for coming. “I feel so special you guys are here for me, I was a little girl from nowhere” Fille told the crowd.

She resumed with ‘Ogenda Kunzita’, ‘Gwe Asinga’ alongside Ray Signature and again took a time to say thank you to her mother, auntie and MC Kats who belied and invested in her as well as Sheebah Karungi who inspired her before she became a star, without forgetting the fans whom she knelt down for.

Fille and Ray Signature

 She then went for a short break and during the break, more performers B2C, Exodus, Lydia Jazmine, Geosteady, Winnie Nwagi, Rabadaba, comedians Mad Rat and Chiko and Maro showcased before she returned for the second part singing ‘Kizunguzungu’, ‘Ekiloto’, ‘Where Have You Been’, ‘Kumbaya’ and the late Mowzey Radio’s ‘Neera’ in remembrance of his legacy.

She went for another break and during that time, more artistes Bebe Cool and A Pass performed and she returned again for her final performance which was however not live. She performed on a CD due the fact that it was getting late.

The last session saw her perform ‘What Did You Do’ alongside Nutty Neithan among her other songs like ‘Loving Time’ alongside Jay Man and T Paul and ‘Jaribu’ alongside Samie Rich.

Before Fille took to the stage, there were artistes who curtain raised for her such as T Paul and Jay Man, Samie Rich, Tip Swizzy, Cindy, Aziz Azion, Ghetto Kids, Grenade, Carol Kasita, Vinka, Dj Naselow, Nutty Neithan and dancer Eddy Wizzy

Check some photos here but more photos are coming soon.

Fill’s pulled offthe real sexy look in this jump suit

Fille’s baby father MC Kats saying thank you to the revellers for coming

That timewhen Fille was overwhelmed by emotions and she shed tears

All her outfits were on point

She had name Fille as a hair cut

Big Size Bebe Cool graced Fille’s concert

Winnie Nwagi performing

It was not all about the music but also there was comedy from Mad Rat and Chiko

MC Kats playing with their baby

Fille and Nutty Neithan performing




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