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‘We Are filthy Rich’ Bobi Wine, Mr G Declare In New Song

Bobi Mr G face

The debate of who is the richest musician has been raging on for some time among fans. Some of the artists themselves have been catalysing by declaring themselves richest. But who is the richest artist in Uganda? And the real question should actually be are these artists actually wealthy?

Miles Rwamiti a music critic and presenter of ‘Koona’ music program on NTV believes most of the ‘noisy ‘artists are not. In the May issue of Chano8 Digital magazine, Rwamiti while answering a question from the magazine’s readers about the same topic says;

“In regards to dimes, very few have money, or maybe I should call it wealth. You can tell who has money by how they try or try not to rub it in your face. The show offs usually don’t have much.” Rwamiti wrote in his monthly column ‘Ask Rwamiti’


There were reports earlier this year that Dr Jose Chameleone had made it into the top 10 wealthiest artists in Africa. Chameleone himself even refers to himself as ‘Africa’s number six’. However, the top guns including Bebe Cool and Bobi wine have always challenged this position.

And now in a direct response which Ghetto president His Excellency Bobi Wine has directed to his rivals, the Gladiator has released a new song declaring that he, and His Jamaican friend Mr G are filthy rich and will remain so till they decompose.

Bobi Wine and Mr G in the video

Bobi Wine and Mr G in the video

In this Africa – Jamaica connect, they brag that they are so filthy rich that when they pass, ‘people squeeze their nose’ and that they look good in their clothes. In the music video done by Twisted films and ivizuals, they are seen giving bundles of ‘money’ to girls. Although the video, shot from a roof top in Kampala doesn’t necessarily look filthy rich – material, attempts to portray them as extravagant spoilt rich kids. Bobi Wine posted this on his facebook page while releasing the song;

“We filthy rich till we decompose,when we pass people squeeze dem nose! Muluganda, “Tuli bagagga bavundu abatonya mooli. abateesi tubawunyira ekkalalume” wama Abanjagala mweyagale, abatanjagala banywe ku acid baweweere”.

From the mixed reactions that followed the post, we are not sure whether the fans are happy with the song or quality of video. You can post your opinion on the music video below or go to our chano8 Digital Magazine face book page to leave your comment.


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