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‘We Are All Fine’ – Irene Namatovu Speaks Out On Robbery

Irene Namatovu wife to Geoffrey Lutaaya the directors of Da Nu Eagles Bands has come out for the first time to reveal the scary events surrounding the unfortunate robbery in which they were victims.

The highway robbery which happened in the night of Thursday saw the artistes robbed clean after they entered an ambush on their way from an up country concert in Ggomba.

“Last night’s tragedy was one that i had never experienced not only in music by in my entire life …… The information circulating about hijacking us last night is true, we were approached by armed men While driving from a show at kabasanda in Butambala district, who on gun point ordered us get out of the car, lie on the ground, tied our hands behind our backs, asked us to surrender our phones and money and then marched us into a nearby bush, and drove away with our car Alphard UAY 544Q(In the image below and still missing)” She wrote on her face book page

Geoffrey and Irene

Geofrey and Irene after thier introduction ceremony

The good news that the fans have been waiting for is already confirmed. All the people involved though terribly traumatised, are fine and not hurt. The fans have been sending messages to console the group and thanking God for keeping them alive.

“But we thank God no one was hurt, Me, Geoffrey and the entire crew are all fine! Kasita Tuli Balamu!” She added.

This follows reports of a wave of similar attacks and robberies sweeping across the country especially in urban areas targeting unsuspecting motorists who move at night. It is believed the ‘air bar’ thugs have devised new strategies of robbing people at night especially at their gates as they approach their homes.

Namatovu car

Irene’s car which was stollen by the thugs

In most cases they follow their targets on a Boda Boda or just lay an ambush nearby and wait for their victims to slow down to open the gate and then pounce. However, in the case of the Lutaaya’s the robbers mounted a fake road block pretending to be on a security check before robbing the artistes clean.

Da Nu Eagles was formed after The Eagles Production split with the other group led by Mesach Semakula being Golden Band.

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