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‘Fired’ Celebrities Start Hitting At Bryan White, Madrat and Chiko Take The Lead

'Fired' Celebrities Start Hitting At Bryan White, Madrat and Chiko Take The Lead

It is not surprising that when two people fall out, they will start talking bad about each other but in the case of Madrat and Chiko, it is rather absurd because they knew exactly what they were jumping into when they joined ‘Bryan White Foundation’ a few months back.

The two comedians are among the celebrities who were fired from the Bryan White podium last week  and they haven’t taken this dismissal lightly.

Appearing on Spark TV’s ‘Koona’ show, the duo attacked Bryan White saying that he doesn’t respect other people because he has money.

“Having money is not bad, but respect to others is the best, someone calls you as if you are a kid yet you are so popular than him”  Chiko said

Chiko’s partner Mad Rat chipped in saying that it is saddening how the tycoon thinks that his money can help others but in a way of despising them

“He once gave me dollars and asked me whether I have ever touched any dollar bill in my life. That statements made me look like a dummy.” Said Mad Rat

They both added that they are big brands who can’t be treated as beggars by someone who is not as popular as they are.

Madrat and Chiko joined the podium about two months ago and because of the free money, free eats and drinks they used to get from Bryan White, they had even forgotten that they had a career to protect. They used to spend the whole day at his home in Munyonyo and hadn’t he fired all of them, they would still be there.

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