Five Danger Zones To Be Careful At During Festive Season

We are in the final months to say goodbye to 2018. It just seems like yesterday but well it has been that fast. On the other side, it is such a time when selfish and hard-hearted people try to use quick means to get rich. There is a section of Ugandans who turn the year-ender into another period of crime and robbery. On most roads connecting to the city, there are deadly areas we term as black spots that one should be careful about during the festive season.

These thugs just pick and pocket anything. They even go so low to the extent of stopping you and ask you to hand over all you have. So as the festive season nears, be careful of these areas. Here are some of the black spots of Kampala.

Lugogo bypass

The road that stretches from  Shoprite traffic lights all the way to Kiira Road Police station. This is the new hub for thugs especially young looking boys claiming to be jogging. These boys attack in groups. Their main target is the women in cars. They can force you to open the car and they enter. They force you not to make any alarm or risk to be harmed.  You need to be careful about this spot.

Kiira Road-Bukoto stretch

Even with Kiira Police station just around, these thugs seem unbothered. Whenever it clocks 6 pm and Jam starts to pile up, these young looking boys start up their game. You can easily spot them in Jam as they move on foot looking for their next prey. They grab phones, laptops and anything within their reach. You need to be more vigilant and avoid leaving car windows open. A lady was recently robbed clean by these young boys who also like terrorizing concert goers in Lugogo and Uganda Museum.

Kalema Road-stretcher junction

About 500 meters into Ntinda stretcher road, there is another spot of Kalema Road-stretcher which has surprisingly seems to have been ignored by authorities. The spot is so dangerous that when jam starts, thugs stop cars mostly when it’s a woman driving. On a good day (for them), they will run away with everything they find on you. They are just fearless.

Kinawataka Road

Have you been to Kinawataka Road before? If you have not been there, you ought to be cautious if you are to use this road. The road becomes busier in the morning and evening hours as many motorists tend to dodge the heavy traffic jam along Jinja Road and thugs use the chance to grab and steal people’s property. The road is very narrow which plays to their advantage.

The Northern bypass

It has increasingly become one of the dangerous roads especially at night because it lacks lighting and certain points lack rail guards (safety bars). On Northern bypass, these thugs even Kill. They can even use guns and other dangerous weapons. It has been one of the deadly roads in Kampala as the festive season nears by.

Other well known dark spots include; Sir Apollo Kaggwa-By Pass-Bwaise junction, Serena Hotel-UBC TV junction, Munyonyo sharp bend (about 250 meters to Speke Resort from Kampala) and Salama Road, among others.

Other black spots for thugs include Bata Bata stage at Namasuba, Mildmay, Kisubi, Katabi which are all along Entebbe road and Namanve around the Red Pepper Publications near Mukono.

So if you’re new to Kampala please watch out for these places and always take precaution while moving at night or early morning.



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