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Five Major Reasons Why Eddy Kenzo Won The Bet Award

Last Sunday, Ugandans were all up in arms after Eddy Kenzo became the first East African artiste to win a BET award and today we look at some of the reasons why the sitya loss artiste was able to achieve such a goal in his music career.

The sitya loss video: Kenzo real names Idrissa Musuzza has had good songs but sitya loss has raised him among the best. The first video garnered Eddy Kenzo over 12 million views and still counting worldwide, which helped him secure performances in Europe, South America and Africa for the past one year. Because of the same video, he was able to perform at the opening and closing ceremony of the just concluded African cup of nations as well as being among the artistes on the official song of that campaign.

Reasons why Kenzo won the BET Award

Reasons why Kenzo won the BET Award

The Triplets kids: Little did we know about the triplets’ kids’ alias ghetto kids until they appeared in sitya loss. Much as everyone is commending Kenzo for the success of the song, but credit should also go to these kids. They pulled rare strokes in the video that attracted all those million views. They knew what they were doing and it’s no wonder the trial version of the video got more views than the actual video regardless of the fact that the latter came first and that the same kids were involved in both. They too have a name now and a few weeks back had gone in Europe for a performance thanks to that sitya loss video. Kenzo entrusted them with yet another video Jambore which also brought so many views.

Luck: Don’t scold me when I say Kenzo is the luckiest artiste in Uganda currently. Let’s not talk about the miracles of Sitya Loss video and concentrate more on the BET. The award he won has just been introduced in this year’s BET (luck), he was pitted against weak opponents going by the success of his track another luck and the votes from Twitter that many considered invalid where accepted and they constituted much on Kenzo’s 60,000 and more votes he got with Casper coming second with a little over 30,000. Many Ugandans are not familiar with Instagram which was the major platform used to vote and if his votes from other platforms were invalid, Kenzo wouldn’t have collected all those votes.

The General public: This is the first time the public has gotten involved in voting an artiste. Politicians, radio and TV personalities, comedians, journalists and fans from other camps all came together in voting the Jambore artiste. Unlike before where camps voted their own, this time round Gagamel, Leone Island, Firebase, Goodlyf among others all came together for a cause of bringing the award home.

Kenzo as an artiste: Kenzo is one of the most disciplined artistes in Uganda despite the small glitches that happened last year. He respects his fans, fellow artistes and all shareholders in the music industry. He’s from a humble background and acts as such. Besides Sitya loss, he has other hits such as stamina, Nategedde, stress free, jambore, nice and lovely among others and he’s dating fellow artiste Rema Namakula.

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