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Five Things to Remember When Planning Your Trip for Umrah This Ramadan

Ramadan season is upon us, and as every other past Ramadan, some of us will need to travel to various places. Some may wish to travel abroad during this special season, and for some Umrah may mean visiting friends and family in our respective hometowns. But wherever you may be headed, some essential items are necessary for you to take along. If you have these items already, simply packing them would do. If not, shopping online on a site like Kaymu allows you the opportunity to buy any of the items on this list at good prices. Along with your Qur’an and Tasbih, make sure to take these things along with you as you travel for Ramadan.

Travelling Bag

Here’s the mother of all necessities. A traveling bag helps you contain your entire luggage in one place and signifies your attempt to stay organized. A good suggestion to remember when using your travelling bag is to return an item after use straight into your travelling bag. This way you don’t have to fret around when packing back to return home. Preferably, go for traveling bags that have outside pockets, and make sure to put items you frequently take out in those pockets – saves time and energy.

A travel bag is must when preparing for Umrah this Ramadan

A travel bag is must when preparing for Umrah this Ramadan


Now that you have a travelling bag, we can talk about things to take along in your travelling bag. For a trip that could last up to a month, you definitely will need a tablet. Not only is tablet an ideal tool with which to keep your mind occupied, with the right app installed on it, it can also be a diligent reminder for prayer times. Some also find it convenient to read the Qur’an from their digital device. With all the options of affordable Apple, Windows and Android tablets available online, getting yourself the right tablet for your trip has to be one of your easiest tasks for this trip.

A tablet will help you capture all your favorite moments

A tablet will help you capture and record all your favorite moments

Travel Chargers

While it would be needless to remind you to take your phone with you on a trip, we know of numerous cases where people forgot to take their travel chargers with them. Here’s a kind reminder. Take a travel charger for every technological device you carry: phone chargers, tablet chargers and laptop adapters. If you have a solar charger for any of your devices, this would be the perfect time to try it out.

Prayer Mats

True, your host may have extra prayer mats where you are headed. But considering how essential prayer mats are in a life of faith, and to avoid any sort of disappointment when you get there, consider taking along your own mat for prayers before you travel. Fortunately, many prayer mats are made in such a way that they are easily foldable and can fit into your travelling bag with the rest of your luggage.

Make sure you pack your prayer mat.

Make sure you pack your prayer mat.

Gift Items

Ramadan season is a time to give. What finer opportunity to give gifts to friends than when you’ll be seeing them after a long while? Make sure to stock your travelling bag with enough items to give as gifts when you reach your destination. Keep in mind that shopping, gifts for your host will entail choosing the right kind of gifts for kids and the right kind of gifts for adults. It’s easy to shop different types of gifts online from traditional attires and shoes to toys and home appliances.

Now that you’re all set for your Ramadan trip, we wish you the safest of journeys.

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