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You Are A Flopped Artist Seeking Attention Bebe Cool Tells Bobi Wine

The war is now officially back. This started when Bebe Cool responded to statement made by South Sudan government sending foreigners packing out of their country.

Consequently Bebe Cool responded by saying in case it was true, he too was banning South Sudanese from attending all his concerts. His post on facebook drew a host of hostile responses from the South Sudanese community who abused him and sent death threats to him warning him never ever to step in their country.

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Zuena defended her husband

However the whole drama took a twist when Uganda’s other heavy weight artist Jose Chameleone traveled to South Sudan immediately after Bebe Cool’s comments to perform in Juba as a show of solidarity with the Sudanese, yet he was booked to perform at the Club Mega Fest the same weekend in Kampala which was a clear message to Bebe Cool that he doesn’t give a damn.

The twists reached a new height when Bobi Wine this week issued some kind of ultimatum challenging Bebe Cool to apologize South Sudanese over those comments. He gave Bebe Cool seven days to do that or else face his wrath.

“South Sudan has decided to send away all foreigners who work in South Sudan deadline 15th oct,that includes all our fellow Ugandan brothers n sisters who had invested thier lives in South Sudan.if it is true,let me be the first person to react positively by saying LET NO SOUTH SUDANESE EVER ATTEND MY CONCERTS AND I SHALL DO NO FAVOR FOR ANY SOUTH SUDANEE effective 15th October .Scratch my back I scratch your.gagamel for ever” Bebe Cool wrote

Bobi Wine responded by issuing this challenge;

“OK, I must express my disappointment. Governments of different countries have always had misunderstandings, some even go to war, but this has never stopped the citizens of those countries from working together. Allow me to remind you big brother that some time ago the governments of Uganda and Rwanda had some misunderstandings and the two armies even clashed in Kisangani, take an example of the Uganda /Kenya clash over #migingoIsland etc… but government business never stopped citizens of the two countries from living like brothers and sisters. We all do not want governments of other countries to to deny our people work opportunities because we accommodate theirs, but I think it’s rather careless to attack an ENTIRE POPULATION OF A COUNTRY because of a government policy. I have personally done some business with South Sudanese and a lot of them are good people .When Amin expelled Indians from Uganda in the 1970s,if the Indians had your kind of mindset, You would not have Sudir seated in your audience today. So Mr. Bebe Cool, I CHALLENGE YOU TO APOLOGIZE TO THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN.it will save you a lot of hate and it will build a good relationship between our people, Ugandans and Sudanese. NB:This challenge is valid for only Seven days(1week)”

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Bobi has started a new war of words


After a long silence over Bobi Wine’s rather provocative statement, Zuena Kirema then responded by saying Bebe Cool won’t apologize to the South Sudanese claiming her husband’s comments were misunderstood and miss interpreted by haters to cause hatred between her husband and the Sudanese some of whom are also his friends and business partners.

However Bebe Cool after all these comments flying around on social media, had kept silent but finally threw a jibe on twitter perceived by observers to be targeting Bobi Wine which refers to him as a drunkard seeking attention. He advises him to try making a hit song other than involving in seeking cheap popularity. Check the twit below;

Bebe Cool twit

It should be remembered that, the two have been beefing for many years with each attacking the other in songs and even some times involving themselves in physical fights. However this year, Bebe Cool changed strategy and seized fire because according to him, it’s his fights with Bobi Wine that make him (Bobi) popular.

Watch this space for new developments

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