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Why You Should Focus On Getting A First Job Instead Of A Dream Job

A dream job is an important target to have. But getting a job in Uganda is hard, and even harder to get a dream job. That said, it is thus wiser for one to shift their attention to rather getting a first job instead.

Whether it is your dream job or not, here is why you should take it as long as it is a first job!

You are not qualified for your dream Job: 

The fact that you have never had a job before says it all. It is thus logical you are not qualified for your dream job. First jobs are a stepping stone which can sooner or later lead to your dream job.

In most cases people that are looking for a first job are recent graduates. Thus lack the relevant experience required. Your first job will teach you the relevant communication skills, responsibility, team work etc.  Even if you had them before, it will polish them up. All these will put you in the best position to land your dream job.

You know nothing about a work related environment

This is the most important thing you’ll ever thank the person who hands you a first job for. Most first time workers set out to be the “supermen” and the know-it-all at work. First thing your first job will teach you is that mistakes are normal. Second is that teamwork makes dream work!

Businesswoman Working in Office

You’ll find that at a work place, there are people with various personalities. But you have to interact with all for a better work environment. A first job guarantees you all this. These are the skills and abilities that your dream job will demand, too.

The people you meet are more often better than a paycheck

Many people tend to attach monetary value to their dream jobs. In fact, it is easier for one to say that the “bigger” the check offered, the more one is likely to take it as a dream job.

Your first job will not pay as much as your dream job. But it will be your ultimate networking seminar. It will present to you opportunities to realize which people can be relevant to your career. You might find that the person to hand you your dream job will be a network from your current job.

Your dream Job might take time

There’s no guarantee that by not taking up any, you’ll get your dream job. Remember time is passing as you keep on waiting for that dream job and guess who is losing out? Chances are that the more you stay out of work, your skills are getting rusty. Which sometimes also affects your “employability”.

Just to sum it up, life is uncertain. You just don’t know when the so-called dream job you’re waiting for will come. And also not to forget, your bills won’t wait for the dream job. They will pile up day by day. So why not get a job as you wait for your dream job?

It is not your destiny

Does your first job determine your destiny? The same question was asked on quora. Below is one of (my favorite) the responses.

“Your first job has many interesting implications. Sure, it can define your career but not in the way you think it will. You can always adjust your career path. If your first job is not what you wanted or does not fit, but even in that, it helps define your career.

 Your first job provides you an opportunity to learn about yourself. The experience you have with those around you also impacts on your view of the work place.” – Tara Orchard, Career Writer.

It is a fact that jobs are scarce, so any job is better than no job at all. Don’t hesitate to throw in your application just because it’s not in your field of interest.  Just to make it clear, only apply for jobs you qualify for to avoid disappointments.

If you have any questions or comments about this subject, kindly send them to peter.kisadha@everjobs.ug


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