Food Enthusiasts Blast Away As Koroga Festival Finally Comes To Uganda

Food lovers around Kampala gathered together over the weekend to enjoy the first-ever Koroga Festival that took place in Uganda on Saturday, December 8 at The Garderns in Najeera.

The Koroga Festival, an annual event that has its roots in Kenya is one of the most popular hangout events in the country. The word “koroga” means “to mix” or “to stir” in the Swahili language, and is an apt representation of all that happened on a day centered on food and drink.

Young ladies cooking at Koroga Festival in Nageera over the weekend.

Having been successfully initiated onto the Ugandan scene this month with Tusker Lite on board, the festival attracted large numbers of food enthusiasts and beer lovers for a Saturday afternoon chill.

“Koroga Festival is a fun event meant to unite Ugandans with fun approaches to enjoying the simplest things in life. The basic starter pack includes indulging in cooking and drinking the finest the world has to offer and what better timing than to incorporate the event into this festive merry season,” said My Food Network’s Mark Kaheru, the organisers of the festival.

It was a delightful afternoon of munching on scrumptious snacks and enjoying mouthwatering meals cooked by some of the city’s best known foodies. The event featured selected groups who took part in the friendly cooking competitions, with participants provided the necessary elements and ingredients to whip up delicious meals and then being judged based on the tastiness, quickness and creativity that they had exhibited.

 “Good food is best paired with Tusker Lite, which is why our brand has been involved in a stream of food-oriented festivals throughout the year within Kampala. The Koroga Festival is a great way to bring people together during this festive season,” said Cathy Twesigye, Brand Manager, Premium Beers UBL.

Cooking was for all including gents

The Koroga Festival diners were also treated to full bar, with table service and delicious ready-to-order starters to keep them busy as the cooking merriments went on. Revelers later ended the day to the sounds of friendly amateur karaoke and laughter.

The event was sponsored by My Food Network, Tusker Lite, The Gardens, Akatale and Mashallah Foods.



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