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Forest Whitaker Makes A Surprise Visit To Uganda

The last time he was in Uganda, it was a surprise visit courtesy of the Uganda Tourism Board but prior to that, he had spent quite a long time in the Pearl of Africa shooting the Last King of Scotland movie along with other actors like Kerry Washington, Abbey Mukiibi among others. It’s this 2006 movie that enabled him win the Academy Award, British Film Award, Golden Globe Award, National Board of Review Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and various critics groups awards.

The movie was about Idi Amin, former Uganda president but the actor is back to where it all started from and his visit was known by less.  Forest Whitaker entered Uganda last evening but his business this time round is not known to anyone but those that ran into him, a little selfie couldn’t hurt.


Forest Whitaker (in black) after arrival in Uganda

Whitaker has earned a reputation for intensive character study works for films such as ‘Bird’, ‘Platoon’, ‘Ghost Dog’, ‘The Way Of The Samurai’, ‘The Butler’ and also for his work in independent films. His recurring role as LAPD Internal Affairs Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh on the Emmy Award-winning television series ‘The Shield’. He portrays Saw Gerrera in the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story among others.


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