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Former B2C Trio Manager Andy To Block Their Old Songs Over Copyright

Last month, B2C Trio and their manager Andy called it quits but a few weeks after, he announced that the group should drop the stage name since he was the one behind its creation. As if that isn’t enough, Andy has again come out and threatened the young boys to stop singing the songs they recorded under his management.

Andy claims that the songs were legally recorded using his own money and he has all the rights to block them.

While speaking in an interview with a Local TV station NBS TV, Andy also warned of the singers and promised to go to court if they fail to adhere.

“Yes it is true I want the boys to give up that name because I am the one who registered it, I also want them to stop singing all the old songs because they legally belong to me,” stated Andy.

 On the other side, the B2C boys say that the name belongs to them although Andy is claiming that he is the one who legally registered it

The 3 boys namely Delivard Julio, Mr Lee and Bobby Lash were in a recently TV interview heard heaping praises at Andy whom they said truly built the firm foundation they are basing on.

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