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“Former Goodlyfe Manager Emma Carlos Is Conning Ugandans”- Chagga

Last Saturday former Goodlyfe promotions manager Emma Carlos appeared on the Talk and Talk show on Dembe FM discussing the Topic “The challenges of being an artiste’s Manager in Uganda” where he explained the challenges in the musical management.

Just after he had left the show, a fellow hailing from Busia cried foul and accused Carlos of conning him Uh Shs 1 million claiming he was to bring Weasel to Busia for a show. The former manager at GoodLyfe is accused by a one promoter Brian from Busia for receiving 1M half payment for the 2.5m required to book Weasel for that show.

Brian alleges that on 12th February, he gave the money to Emma Carlos who gave him a receipt. However, on trying to book a place for the show, the venue management requested for an official verification that Weasel was surely coming and that’s when Brian came to Kampala to meet Emma Carlos for a confirmation.

 In a twist of events, Carlos promised to refund the money so that Brian could contact Chagga and book officially. That was the last time Brian set his eyes on Emma because he stopped picking calls and never showed up at the agreed meeting places.

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In a brief interview with Carlos, he acknowledges to have received the money from Brian but never conned it from him

“ I received the money but didn’t hand it in immediately but I never conned it from him. I have worked with Brian for a long time but it is only the politics surrounding Goodlyfe that is disturbing us” Carlos revealed

While talking to Chagga the official GoodLyfe manager, he said that Emma Carlos ceased to offer services to GoodLyfe way before Radio’s death. Chagga also admitted receiving numerous complaints from clients who have lost money to Carlos through his fake receipt book.

 Promoter Brian has reported the case at Old Kampala Police Station where Emma is expected to answer fraud questions.

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