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Former Goodlyfe Manager Jeff Kiwa Mourns Mowzey Radio

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Whatever reason led to their fall out, we don’t know and we no longer care. All we know is that it was managerial issues that led to the bad fall out between artistes Mowzey Radio (RIP), Weasel and their manager Jeff Kiwa.

Leaving all this aside, on Thursday the 1st of February 2018, Mowzey Radio passed on following a bar brawl in which he sustained fatal head injuries which led to his untimely death 

Following his death, Jeff Kiwa who once managed Radio and Weasel was one of the people whom we should say weren’t moved by Radio’s death. As a mater of fact, Jeff didn’t not step a foot at Case Clinic where Radio was admitted after the brawl and neither did he attend his burial.

This was understandable because we all knew Jeff Kiwa and Radio and Weasel were what we call real enemies. However, it is now 7 months after Radio’s untimely death and over the weekend, Jeff surprised and shocked the country at that after a photo of him clad in a T-shirt bearing a big photo of the late singer Radio made their way on his Instagram account 

Jeff who is in Canada for reasons we don’t know slayed in on the streets of Canada while wearing the T-shirt that had his former artiste’s image.

In what can be perceived as a way of mourning Radio and remembering his legacy, Instagram users joined Jeff to say RIP to fallen ‘Neera’ singer who was one of the finest vocalists of all time

After Jeff and Radio and Weasel fell out, we all saw the chaos that happened which included fighting for property, dragging each other to courts of law to mention but a few

At some point, the fire between Goodlyfe and Jeff Kiwa kind of ceased but both sides kept on fighting each other verbally, with social media, radio and TV stations being the tools used in this fight.

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