Former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Former Miss Uganda, Aisha Salma Nassanga has this Wednesday, 25th April morning delivered a baby girl. This is her first born child with American husband who she married in 2016.

Aisha was criticized marrying an older man, although two seem to be madly in love. The wedding was attended by former Miss Uganda, Barbara Kimbugwe, who was her matron then.

Aisha couldn’t withhold her gratitude of her daughter and the love shared among this couple which was love at first sight just like she put on twitter and instantly named the newly born.

Aisha during her wedding with Eric in 2016

“Love at first sight. The most beautiful feeling in the world Jazmine Soraya Cisse Sieglar”, Aisha Nassanga announced.

Nassanga triumphed at the Miss Uganda 2013/14 because of her beauty, style and humour which won many hearts then and later was married in 2016 in a colourful ceremony attended by only a few invited guests.

We send our best wishes and hope a future miss Uganda was born.

Aisha and her husband have welcomed babyJazmine Soraya Cisse Sieglar


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