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Former NBS Presenter Joe Kigozi To Become Youngest CEO IN TV Industry

NBS TV station might be the most desired Television station in Uganda lately, but some of their employees think otherwise.

We are talking about people like Joe Kigozi who has been one of the oldest employees and Marketing Manager at the Kamokya based station. Joe shocked the country a few days back when he handed in his resignation at a period when the station was just rebranding to a new face and recruiting massively from rival TV stations .

The former 4-4-2 presenter is set to become the youngest C.E.O of a Buganda owned Television station yet to be identified.

Joe Kigozi

In things: Joe Kigozi

After working with NBS for 5 years now, the 34-year-old decided that his skills are probably needed elsewhere.  “I am going to join a new TV station which I am not going to mention right now. The only details I can avail is that it’s owned by Buganda. ” He said.

“I’m going to put in use all the skills I acquired from NBS to my new job and make sure the new station moves head to head with those already in existence.” Kigozi added.

With his 10 years’ experience in Tv business, It is believed Joe Kigozi will at least do some magic at this yet to be identified station. His CV suggests that he has worked for UBC Tv, Sports TV and GTV before joining NBS TV in 2010.


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