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Former Obsessions Boss Ronnie Mulindwa Apologizes Over Social Media Rant

Last week, former obsessions dancer, singer and one of the directors Ronnie Mulindwa had an altercation with one of his Facebook followers over the Sheebah and Cindy face-off but the outburst went overboard.  

In his Facebook post, Ronnie showed his support to Cindy over the current debate concerning live performance and the statements didn’t go well with one of Cindy’s fans called ‘Jalia Ahmed’ who came out and reminded Ronnie of how Zari’ Ivan Ssemwanga [R.I.P] used to sleep with Sharon O, (who is Roni’s wife), for money and in return, Ronnie asked Jalia where Ivan Ssemwanga is now.

This question of Ssemwanga’s whereabouts was interpreted by many to mean Ronnie had something to do with his death and over the weekend, Ronnie came out and apologized for his statements.

“I have come here today to apologize for the replys to some of the comments that some people wrote on my views about Cindy and Sheeba issues,” he wrote on his Facebook.

Ronnie Mulindwa with Sharon O

But then, he added that he doesn’t apologize for offering his views because he stands by them but apologizing for the momentary misjudgments in reply towards the death of someone whose name he won’t dare to ever mention again.

“Some of these issues that some uncivilized people throw at us here, hiding behind their phones and laptops are scaring and bare longtime effects. The said person almost tore my family apart through arrogance, contempt and utter disrespect and disregard for family values and he himself ended up losing his own family in the process among many reasons am sure. And of course also due to poor judgment from my own partner. These times were hard and they caused us so much pain and almost split my small family unit. We managed to get through it albeit with alot of scars and we are ok.”

He also went ahead and said that he has a right to his opinions on his page in regards to the arts industry which he has been part of for almost 18 years.


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