Former TV Presenter Sasha Ferguson Talks Life, Career And Relationship With Canary Mugume

Sasha Ferguson first came onto the social scene way back in 2010 as a teens show presenter on defunct WBS TV. At the same time when her TV career was booming, she also tried out fashion. Along the way, Sasha dropped fashion and TV career when she got a job with the United Nations and went to work in Tanzania

Chano8 caught up with her for an interview where shared about her current lifestyle, career and love life with NBS TV’s Canary Mugume.

Chano8: Why did you quit TV and fashion?

It was a decision I made with my boyfriend. We both couldn’t work on TV and also in fashion. He was into fashion too. So When the UN job came up, I decided to drop all that. I also I later realized it wasn’t working for me.

Chano8:Rumor had it that you were fired from WBS TV?

That was a lie. I have actually never heard of it. I left the station one year before it closed. I had realized there was no future me on TV by the time.

Chano8: What do you do nowadays?

I deal in real estate with my mother. I have a fully registered NGO called Draw A Smile. It is a charity organization and we  are currently paying school fees for 12 children at the moment and we want to see the number grow more than that

Chano8: Is that all for now?

No, I also have other personal business that I run on a daily basis that generates money.

Chano8: At your tender age, you are living a lavish lifestyle, how do you make it?

I work so hard to sponsor my lifestyle. It doesn’t matter at what age as long as you are doing things right with utmost honesty. The money will fall in place.

Chano8: Lets now talk about Canary Mugume, you are a young powerful couple, how did you meet?

We met when I was still at WBS TV and he was with Buzz Events company. They came to the station to promote a teens show and was asked to handle them. That was our beginning.

Chano8: How old were you when you met canary?

We were both young. I was actually 17 years old. However, my beauty struck him and never told me anything. We, however, kept on meeting several times.

Chano8: Your relationship with him has been on and off, how have you managed?

Well, we face challenges like any other couple. But we know what we hold for each other and makeup fast. We are just best friends. He knows me and I know him.

Chano8: Canary’s TV career seems to be at its best, don’t you feel jealous of him sometimes?

I don’t feel jealous. I always wish him the best. Sometimes when I see him on TV, I feel good that he is my man.

Chano8: It is said that you are too jealous to see him with another girl?

Big lie. He has his freedom. I let him live his life.

Chano8: Don’t you have fears one day, he might want to try a different relationship?

He can’t. He fears losing me. He knows my worth. I am beautiful with brains, which kind of a man wants to lose such?

Chano8: Is true you earn more than him?

Not true and we don’t discuss our finances in public.  He has had his share of struggle. I remember days when he used to work on a mobile money booth around Hotel Africana. So generally we are good

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