Former Ugandan Fugitive Christopher Aine Weds

A couple of months ago, Christopher Aine was the most wanted man in Uganda with a price tag of Shs 10million to anyone who finds him. His disappearance was received with mixed reactions from the crowd as many believed that it was the government that had him.

After a few months of speculation that even came with the news that he had passed on, Christopher Aine resurrected on NTV in a special news bulletin at General Salim Saleh’s residence.


Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, with Aine and the wife

Where he was and what he had been up to still remains a mystery but Friday afternoon, Aine who is mostly known as Mbabazi’s aide got married with the former prime minister by his side.

But it looks like the relationship Aine has with Salim Saleh is far beyond just discovering him when no one else could because the reception of the weeding took place at Serene Suites in Mutundwe, which happens to belong to Salim Saleh president Museveni’s brother.


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