Fort Portal MP Calls Salvado ‘Thunder’

Last Saturday as the Club Twist comedy tours resumed, Fort Portal enjoyed the greatest fun from the top comedians at Daj Plaza roof top. The usual bunch of funny people had no idea they would earn themselves new symbolic names.


The traditional meal to celebrate the Empaako ceremony

The surprise came at the end of the rib-cracking show when the cheerful area MP Hon. Alex Ruhanda went on stage and started listing different pet names for the comedians.  Today Salvador is one Alali which means Thunder, Ronnie-Amooti(King), Emma-Atenyi(Demi God Snake of River Muzizi), Chico-Abwoli(loved pet cat),Zoro-Apuli(most favored pet/puppy),Snake-Akyali(console people in sorrow),Maddrat Rat- Akiki(Mother of the nation) The MP then went on to invite the crew to his home for the ‘Empaako’ traditional ceremony the following day where they enjoyed mushroom and millet.


The crew on stage with Hon Alex Ruhunda in a black Jacket holding a microphone

The gentle and soft spoken people of Fort Portal laughed their ribs open as Salvador and the crew did enormous humor. The crew included all comedians that belong to Jazz Comedy were on this tour including the famous man of Ombokolo  Salvado Idringi, Ronnie Mc Vex,  Prince Emma Napoleon,  the 2 duals of Madrat & Chico and Snake and Zoro .


The team on the tour in Fort Portal


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