Frank Gashumba Gushes About Sheila’s Channel O Gig.


Frank gashumba and sheila

Call him whatever you may wish, but he is a very proud father. He stood by her daughter  throughout the WizKid scandal and now when she has acheived a milestone in her career. Sheila Gashumba who hosts a segment on ‘The Beat’  named ‘Exclusive Acess’ will be attending the Music Video  Awards in South Africa to interview the musical Alisters on the red carpert and back stage.

Frank Gashumba gushes about sheila’s Channel O gig on facebook wall expressing his joy saying “Two weeks ago, i posted on Facebook that Sheilah had started doing a new show on NTV called Exclusive Access on The Beat. 97% of the comments were people supporting her and prayed for her, as usual, and i always expect it, The saddist’s commented that what’s so unique with NTV, its a local TV.

At the age of 11, Sheilah was the youngest person to cover the CHOGM event in Kampala, basically the same air The Queen of England was breathing is the same air Sheilah was breathing.

She is doing it again, Mnet and Channel O this weekend , she is the first Ugandan to cover the Redcarpet at the prestigious Channel O Music Video Awards 2014 in South Africa, I repeat, The Red Carpet.

When i tell you that we are grooming Sheilah for International Market, people think we are idlers. Every big company you see has ever been a small company, every important person you see started small. Dont expect to jump from no where, we are what we continuously do and think.

Surrond yourself with Ambitious People and God will turn your dreams into reality. We must want to be successful as much as you want to breathe. Barrack Obama defined from the poorest background to the White House. Pope Francis from a night club bouncer to the World’s Number One. Nelson Mandela, 27 years in Prison, 1st Southafrican Black President. Oprah was demoted from a TV show because they claimed, she wasnt fit for TV and now she is a billionaire through TV, Michael Jordan after being cut from his high school basket ball team, he went home, locked himself in his room and cried and now he’s among the most respected basketball player.

When we think positive, positive things happen in our lives and the sweetest revenge of all is Success, nothing make saddist crazier than someone leaving a positive good life and for you my friends who are out fighting for a positive life, Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below.

Do you guys know that the most paid people on this planet are not Academicians, they are enterpreneurs, athletes, musicians, actors.

Thank You to the NTV team Aggie, Xena,Jackie and Ethopian Airlines.’


Don’t miss to catch the show on Ntv this Weekend.

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