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Frank Gashumba Weighs In On The Whole Maid Situation

City businessman Frank Gashumba has also come out to weigh in on the maid issue, who has been dubbed as ‘Maid from hell.’


Following the video of a maid battering a child, which went viral over the weekend, many people were left shocked and stunted at how someone can be that ruthless and inflict so much harm on a child. It really poses the question of sanity.

Frank Gashumba said we shouldn’t criminalize all maids.’There are so many loving, supporting and caring maids in Uganda. Actually there kids who have a special attachments with their maids than their parents because their parents are rarely home.’

The controversial businessman further said, ‘We should not look at maids like Murderers but this is a WAKE UP CALL to parents.’

The maid has been remanded to Luzira prison until December when she will be tried.

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