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Frank Gashumba’s Message To Sheilah’s Haters Sparks Controversy

Business man Frank Gashumba has stirred up a controversy with his Facebook message.

In the light of recent rumors that circulated about his daughter Sheilah Gashumba having slept with Wizkid, the business man run to his daughter’s defense by calling her haters village pigs. He has since deleted the post, but we had managed to get a screen shot.


In other words, he says:

“I pity those poor people who insult us. None of those abusing Sheilah is better than her, she’s more disciplined, richer, beautiful and known by people who matter. She sleeps well, walks well, went to the best schools, she’s never used public means of transport her entire life. When she grows up, she will rule all of you that are insulting her at the moment.”

“To those of you who are always supportive of her, God Bless you. But to those village piglets in Kampala, I will keep laughing at you, because we are moving forward.”

His message has caused an uproar on social media with several people calling for an apology while others like Salvado defending him. The comedian said:

“I’m struggling to find what is wrong with it, sometimes when people tell the truth they come off as braggarts… Well being a father myself to a girl to be specific, I would do or say anything to protect and defend my daughter against any accusations whether true or false just to show her daddy’s got ur back, I’d actually be disappointed if Mr Gashumba didn’t react.”

Time will tell if Gashumba comes out and apologizes or not.


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