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Former P-Unit Star Frasha Debuts Solo Album, “Dakitare”

If you heard the song ‘Kare’ by P-Unit, then you surely remember the first verse starting with “Frasha mi ni mkali…” Well, Frasha, the voice behind that verse broke off from the group.

It would only seem natural that an artist breaking from a group would see fit to want a share of the solo career with an offering of an album for is fans. Frasha, is one such artiste who has made his intentions clear last week as he delivered with his debut album, “Dakitare” (Kenyan slang  for Doctor).


Frasha is officially a fully fledged solo artiste now

Breathing a new sense of sound, having had time to experiment in the studio, Frasha speaks of this new album with confidence.

“This album is my musical offering to fans as a solo act,” Frasha said.

“Dakitare” is a way of saying, ‘I am here to remedy all that ails the music industry,”  he added.



Back in the day with the P-Unit crew

And his remedy was widely seen through his performance on the Pacho Entertainment produced album launch. From live band performance backing to paying homage to Papa Wemba and sharing the stage with a number of artistes like fellow clique-mate Bon Eye, Timmy Dat, King Kaka and Rap Damu among others, Frasha set the Louis Leakey Auditorium in Kenya on fire.

The rapper who once was a medical officer and got kicked out of his job reckons he is the remedy for Kenyan music. The launch saw album auctioning and was widely attended by many entertainment bigwigs.

Courtesy of What’s Good LIVE, Kenya.




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