Freeboy Talks About His Hit Song ‘Kwata Esimu’, Swangz Avenue And Big Plans After Covid-19

The song ‘Kwata Esimu’ is arguably the top hit of the lockdown era in Uganda at the moment. The brains behind it, is a young talented man called Freeboy Adam. He features Swangz Avenue’s song bird Winnie Nwagi who spices it up with her mellow angelic voice.

However, not many people know about the young singer from West Nile. Chano8’s Roy Ruva had a chat with him and here is what he told us about himself, relationship with Swangz Avenue and big plans he has after the Covid-19 lockdown.

There has been a lot of mix-up in the media about who exactly Freeboy is; can you please tell us more about yourself?

Freeboy grew up as Mandera Mubark, born from West Nile in Arua Town. I was raised by a strong mother who taught me how to be hardworking, patient & respectful to everyone around. So basically, I am that humble down-to-earth versatile musician from the West Nile.

Freeboy is the man behind the ‘Kwata Esimu’ song.

Your Song ‘KwataESsimu’ has really picked up well and is receiving massive airplay, but some people claim it is Winnie Nwagi’s song please help clarify on that.

Winnie Nwagi is a very big brand, and I glad I’ve had an opportunity to work with her on the ‘Kwata Esimu’ song. People mostly notice the bigger brand but that doesn’t take away the fact that I just featured her and she has given me a very big platform. But the song is mine and all copyrights belongs to me.

We also received report that Swangz Avenue were impressed with your work and have since signed you. How true is this? Please tell us about your management team

I am blessed to have worked with Swangz Avenue; it’s every artist’s dream. But that doesn’t mean I am signed to them. Swangz is now like home to me but am signed under VIVA ENTERTAINMENT a West Nile- based record label.

‘Kwata Ssimu’ definitely is your breakthrough song, tell us more about it and your other projects

Well, ‘kwata Esimu’ is a folk-urban ballad & it means “pick up the phone” where I featured Winnie Nwagi, the video would be on air by now but we got delays due to the curfew restrictions, but it will be dropping soon.

Freeboy features Swang Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi

Where do you draw your inspiration from and what type of music genre do prefer?

My mum has been a great inspiration in my music, as she also provided me with the content that I grew up listening to, like Kadongo Kamu(type of music), Phil Bongole, Afrigo ,Lingala etc.

I also draw my inspiration from my hustle and the things around me, blending all that with all genres of music. So I love and listen to all music, as long it’s good sound.  

The Coronavirus outbreak really came at a bad time for you when your music was just starting to pickup. What is your take? And how do you spend your time in lockdown?

Well, the virus has affected me just like everyone else out there, limitations to movement means I can’t often do  interviews, it delayed the video release, and I can’t perform yet I would be having lots of bookings by now.

So I spend most of the time home with my family here in Arua and also sometimes hit the studio here in my neighborhood and record new sounds.

Talking of new songs, what are you now working on and what is your plan for the future?

I am working on my solo projects at the moment and am releasing an audio soon after the ‘Kwata Esimu’ video release. I also have a couple of other beautiful collaborations coming up plus a very big one on the African continent.

My future plans are to represent my country on the African scene very soon and God willing, even globally.

And your patting shots to your fans out there and of course Chano8 readers

Am so humbled to be given a chance to talk about myself and my music, there is a lot of new sounds in stock. I would like to open up doors for so many young talents in the West Nile region.

To my fans, thanks for the love and keep supporting me, there is no limit to what I can achieve.

God bless you.

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